Social Media Marketing

  • Enhances Brand Awerness
  • Improves Business Sales
  • Top Search Engine Ranking
  • Achieves Strong Position in Online
  • 24/7 client support and detail report

Social Media optimization India

We provide very effective social media marketing service to promote your website, services, products and brand name as its great platform now a days .

In the ever-changing world of socil media marketing, one goal remains constant: traffic. The higher the site ranks on a search engine results page, the more traffic the site will receive. A site that has been subjected to the standards and strategies of an expert SEO company is better positioned than its competitors. However, proper SEO strategy implementation does not mean applying a series of quick fixes for higher rankings and more traffic. A site without properly applied SEO services might as well be non-existent. Without SEO, a site is void of traffic. And without traffic, a site does not have conversions. The SEO experts at Bruce Clay India. understand why SEO is beneficial to companies, and that without an SEO strategy, any great website will fail.

Good, social media optimization should function as an integral extension to Internet marketing, as it is vital to the success of any organization with an online presence. While it's important to recognize traffic as the primary target, it is equally important to understand why SEO is an objective in the first place. Optimal SEO strategy encapsulates many things. Chief among them is content. Creating authoritative content that includes targeted keywords relevant to user queries is key to organic search. A site that effectively practices the recommendations of SEO professionals will most likely be better than the competition. A site optimized by an SEO expert will typically be rewarded with a higher search engine ranking because that site aims to deliver what the user wants. And search engines reward sites that do so.

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What We Offer Under Social Media Services

We are comprehensive internet marketing company providing cutting edge solutions to attract target customers, convert leads and accelerate business growth.


Facebook Marketing

We do facebook marketing for your products, services, and brand by posting, share, likes, group discussion to promote on this biggest social platform.

Twitter Marketing

To promote your business, brand on twitter socioal media site, we take all marketing strategies, following, posting relevant your business.

Pinterest Promotion

Pinterest is very popular site for social marketing.we do post, share and follow. we take very effective process to promote your business.

YouTube Video Promotion

YouTube is very popular video posting site, videos relevant to services we share on Youtube, create channel, follow others to enhance your videos.

Google Plus Promotion

Google plus social media is also popular site to post, share, follow others, we do all stuffs and mange them in a very effective way.

Linked In Promotion

Linked In site , as its biggest professional network site, we post, share and discussion in groups relevant your services.

Instagram Marketing

Every one knows Instagram social media site is best for photos, videos share and follow helps to bring a promotional effect very first.

Tumblr Marketing

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform which helps to post, share your articles, videos, images , helps bring ranking on search engine very quick.

Why JI?
  • Experience

    We have more than 8 years of experience in providing high quality web services worldwide in different industry sector.

  • Knowledge

    As we provide best social media promotion service , we keep update ourselves with latest promotional trends, technique in our knowledge.

  • Convenience

    We have strong team of technical experts to support our clients in any technical issues, and are available to answer in business hours.

  • Team Strength

    We have strong team of experienced technical bodies for all supporting requirement like sales, design, developer, optimizing, content writing.

  • Support

    Available chat, emails, phone supports for our clients to listen and take solutions on their website technical issues.

  • Execution

    Successfully we have executed more that 1000 websites in social media optimization projects and we feel great on achieve this success.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

There are reasons why you should choose us for your next Internet Marketing Project.


Increased Brand Awerness

Social Media marketing improves your business brand awareness worldwide, promote on this platform is very much effective nowadays as thousand of people visit and engaged in social profiles, brand pages.


Reduces Marketing Price

Promote on Social media sites, reduces price value compare to traditional marketing process. With one post or share all connected people able to know your business, products or services within your network.


Opportunities to Convert leads

There are lots of opportunities to converting leads from active contacts. Posting or sharing at right place or in group is helpful to come across with people those are looking for any service, so it is a chance getting leads.


Increased inbound Traffic

Social Media optimization helps to create inbound traffic from different sites directly or referral by doing posts or share links like pages, photos, videos from other resource. it generates high quality inbound traffic for your websites.


Improve Search engine Ranking

Social Media Marketing is a very effective strategy to rank your website on search engine sites result pages, it helps increasing keyword ranking position towards top on Google search engine and other search sites.


Improves Business ROI

It helps to increase your business ROI (Return On Investment) that you desire when invest for social media promotion. As promotion starts, it may start to get customers, leads search engine ranking and business popularity

Our SMO Pricing Packages

Improve your online presence with our effective Social Media marketing service SMO packages that includes impacted features and client supports. Call us Today.


for small size business
  • 6 Keywords
  • Time frame 3 Months
  • on page, off page SEO
  • Detail reporting
  • 24x7 support


For medium size business
  • 10 Keywords
  • Time frame 3 Months
  • on page, off page SEO
  • Local market target, SMO
  • Detail reporting
  • 24x7 support


for large size corporate
  • 20 Keywords
  • Time frame 3 Months
  • SMO, Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Safe from Goole Penguine, Panda attack

Words from our clients

Some client's feedback about our successfully result for their website we present right here for your believe about our organic search engine marketing.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

The primarily advantages of social media marketing is , it's a subject of instant communication to spread world wide with a single post or share. It is included the ability of audience to conveniently stay in touch with customers to form your business more strong and popular. its a platform where you can come across with like minded people to expand business contacts. With spending few hours in a week in order to improve your brand recognition, web inbound traffic and sales with very less cost.

It's true, around 90% online marketing professional claimed , social media generate immense exposure for their organization just because of its many advantages. As a substantial part of online promotion Its now included with every marketing strategy. It gives great return compare to invest in social media optimization as budget. its cost effective platform that is missing out on a phenomenal promotion opportunity to see easily that the social media marketing is key element for potentially success in marketing to growth your business by using this platform.

Increased Brand Awareness

The most cost effective online digital promotion method is social media marketing to syndicate your content and increase business visibility. properly implementing a social media optimization method will improve brand recognition. so to get start, create social media profile for business and begin interacting with people. share it in relevant groups where intended audience are active to come across your content that will increase brand awareness and begin building your reputation as a business.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Though keeping activities on social media may bring you significant success, search engine ranking is also major part of doing optimization with social media sites. Working with implemented search engine marketing strategy to rank high competition keywords is not easy task. Get top search engine ranking for your tough keywords through social media marketing just go for content base promotion works like creating high quality blogs, infographics, portfolio, case studies, videos adding your company success story, services, product detail, employee, profile with specific keywords to make your business brochure more attractive and credible. Once you start sharing all them you will able to build or participate community where followers or influencer will share and like your content and may show interest to link back you which will help to get higher ranking on search engine sites.

Get More Inbound web Traffic

Inbound traffic for a website is very important to generate leads. social media sites are very helpful to bring you this opportunity. It helps rank your business keywords on search engines. Without social media marketing your inbound traffic is limited, not easy to reach your customer outside your circle.

Increase higher Conversion Rates

With improved visibility, your business gains additional chances for conversion. each single blog post, images, videos, or commenting may lead audience reach your company's web site that produces traffic. Social media promotion allows your business to relinquish a positive impression through a humanisation factor. if brands are interactive by posting content, commenting, and sharing statuses on social media. it personifies a brand value. People prefer to do business with other people, rather than taking companies for their need.


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How we Can Help to Let Social Media works best for your Business?

Strategy Development

Before we go to start marketing with social media , we prepare a strong planned strategy to egt best result.

Influencer Marketing

As influencer marketing is very effective we follow all the guidelines to make promotional activities success.

Group Management

Participation in proper social group and keeping touch with discussion, share is another way of success.

Content Marketing

Content is king that search engine knows, so we give priroity doing diferent types of content sharing, posting.

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis is very importnt factor to reach target audience. it creates opportunity to convert leads

Monitoring Social Insights

Along with doing all social marketing activites we take care of monitoring social insights step by step.
Our Social Media Marketing Process
  • Preparing a Effecive Social Media Promonatl Strategy.
  • Content Marketing, curation of blogs, pr news, article.
  • Official brand page promotion by likes, voting, reviews, coments.
  • Participate in social groups, communities with questions, answering.
  • Sharing videos, podcast, ppt, docs and images at target places.
  • Engage with audience by sharing, discussing about service, products.