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SEO Glossary, 50+ Terms and Definitions Explained that you need to know

SEO Glossary

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301 Redirect

A 301 redirect is a page status code or http response code that tells search engines that a page has permanently moved to another URL on same domain or different domain or site. You use a 301 redirect when you want to capture the traffic to the old address but the page is now physically anywhere else.

404 not found

When website visitor request a page which is not found in the website or server, we have to show a page that should inform that the page you requested to view is not found. But only that is not enough for search engine. The response code or page status code should be 404 also.

ALT tag

ALT tag is an attribute of <img> tag. It tells the web page and search engine what the image is all about. If the image is not found the alt text define about the image. Otherwise the visitor or search engine cannot know about the image. So it is good practice to have the ALT tag of every image.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text of a hyperlink. For example : In this hyperlink SEO Services, SEO Services is the anchor text.


Bing is the search engine of Microsoft is one of popular search engine.


A crawler is a search engine optimization term owns by any search engine. Search engine has a technique or concept that takes the keyword entered or requested by the visitors and indexes the web page accordingly. That is called as a crawler.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content means the content of your site those can be very similar on other pages or other website. This is very bad thing and search engine can find those and the site owner can take legal action against you.

Exact Match

Exact match means if user enters "pay per click", the pages of the websites can be crawled or searched where exact words contains "pay per click".


Flash is a technology or media that can beatify the look and feel of the website. But search engine cannot index flash containing pages. For this now a days there are many advnaced jquery and css plugins are there to make better look and feel.


Google is the leading search engine where people are searching most.

Heading tags

There are six heading tags H1 to H6 used in website design and development. Heading tags are used to separate the contents or section. There are certain hirarchy to use those.


Hyperlink tag is used to make link redirection to other web page or other website link.

Inbound Links

Inbound links are the links from other sites to your sites. These are also known as backlinks.


Jquery is the most used library or framework of javascript. It reduces the line of code in the web page.It have all the native javascript functions and properties.


Keyword is the most used term in search engine optimization concept.The keywords describes what a web page is all about. If the keywords are found in your website what users are looking for then your websites ranks accordingly.

Landing Page

In search result after searching a keyword when the user clicks a link then arrives a page. That page is known as landing page. It can be a home page or other page of the website.

Meta tags

Meta tags are the HTML tags where you can describe about your website using certain keywords. This can be done using different attributes like keywords and description.


Navigation is like one common section where some important and most used hyperlinks are linked so that visitors can find all the information of the website.

Outbound Links

Outbound links are opposite to Inbound links. For example : links from your site to another site.

Page Rank

Page Rank (PR) is the rank or popularity of a web page. It is always decided by the search engine.


Redirect means it tells the search engine that the URL has been changed. When you use redirect 301 you will not lose the visited traffic.

Search Engine

Search Engine is a software application where user or people search different keywords to find their desire things like hotels, restaurants, companies, colleges, schools, etc.


In HTML tags are generally a pair of opening and closing brackets(<>). The different tags are : title,img,form,input,etc.

URL Rewriting

URL rewriting means we can customize the web page url as we desire and how the search engine crawl easily. Generally it can be written in htaccess file.