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Pay-Per-Click India

Best PPC management services to boost paid search marketing, Google adwords PPC advertising, improve ROI, target keywords with our pay-per-click service in India

Are you looking fior best google adwords or PPC services provider in India, then right here to get paid to click adword trusted service from Ji Web Lab, Bhubaneswar. We always provide PPC advertsing that is served 100% customer satisfaction results. It is a model of paid internet marketing strategy that is used to generates straight traffic for website, where advertisers pay the website owner when their advertise get click by any web user. After approval of Adword account you can your advertisement just or below of Google search engine result pages indicated as sponser listing.

It offers you the chance to get top position on search engine sites and also seen on relevant associated websitess. Pay per click management provide sudden web traffic to your website and give lots of ways to help SEO strategies by examined keywords, b2b market place and business model that is allow to imoprove online marketing strategy. There is a technique to find high numbers of low search volume keywords that is long tail keywords or key phrases which are less expensive to advertise on but still offer significant low the averge cost per click in your enter PPC campaign.

Ji Web Lab Solutions, is known for its dedicated professionals and extensive industry experience. Provide high ROI by fix monitoring, testing and better target of busisness keywords, we can manage ppc campaaign to get high returns on investment. In PPC adverstising you are allowed to use types of platform to appear advertise on smartphones, tablets and other devices.You can also set your ppc advertise as you wish like time, day wise or location wise that you wish to target and how much money you invest per day in ppc campaign. You can also set your ppc ads directly in front of web user searching for quarries on Google, Bing or any social media sites like facebook, twitter, you tube

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Our PPC Management Services

We are comprehensive internet marketing company providing cutting edge solutions to attract target customers, convert leads and accelerate business growth.


Paid Search

We deligate paid search marketing with relevant and targeted campaign to get maximum online visibility, instant traffic and turns with high lead conversion.


Our dedicate re-marketing process helps you invest ad budget in the most benefit way into re engage the prospect, which is the result for the conversion.

Social Media Marketing

With innovative, proper planned implement of social media strategies, advertise on facebok, twitter, linked in sites to drive maximum business to come in touch of unclicked audience.

Google Adwords

PPC campaign that delivers traffic instantly by showing at top position on Google search engine. Google Adwords is most effective way of paid search marketing.

Shopping Ads

Google and Bing search engine both are allow to display shoppin products directly in search results. Shopping ads shows above and below organic search results and other sites.

Bing Advertising

We also provide Bing PPC campaign for your business. We do ad creation, optimization and to manage it to give you maximum search advertise on bing search engine.

Why You Select Us for PPC ?

A successsfull PPC management services require bigger understanding which does not follow from book or from any web blogs. Rather come out with ability of years of industry experience in campaining PPC Adwords and the same level of industry experrieence you can achieve with Ji Web Lab Solutions. We are dedicate to give the hihgest possible level of PPC advertising management at cost effective pricing to sure that your Paid to click is result oriented performance. Ji Web Lab follows the appropriate plan of keyword analysis, account set up, monitoring and management and reporting.

  • Experience team of PPC professional to monitor PPC account.
  • We provide quality PPC management packges at best prices.
  • There is no any hiden fees for service.
  • Reliable and result oriented services.
  • Increase ROI on your investment for PPC.
  • Client satisfactory result, 24x7 Customer support.

Keywords Research for PPC Management

It is very time consuming to do keyword or phrase of keywords research for PPC advertisement whether it is very important to do so. Your whole PPC activities is designed on keywords analysis and the most effective Google Ad advertisers regularly grow and filtered their keywords list. When you ready to run your first campaign and if you do once keyword analysis and research, it may missing out hundreds of important and valuable highly relevant and long tail, low cost keywords that could be able to drive traffic for your website.

  • 1Relevant
    of course, you do not wish to be pay for online traffic that has nothing to try to to along with your online business. you like to seek out target keywords which will result in a better PPC click-through rate, enlarged profits and effective cost per click.
  • 2Exhaustive
    Your keyword analysis ought to embody not only the foremost well-liked and regularly searched keywords in your niche, however additionally to . Long tail keywords square measure a lot of specific and fewer common, however they add up to account for the bulk of search-driven traffic.
  • 3Expansive
    PPC is repetitious. you wish to perpetually refine and spread your PPC campaigns, and make a setting during which your keyword list is consistently growing and adapting.

How to manage your PPC Campaign

Once you have opned new account, you will need to mnage regularly to ensure they continue to be worked properly. Regular account activites is one of the best way of account success.it should be regular bse analysis the performance of your account and doing the below adjust to optimize campaign.:


Add PPC Keywords

Spread the reach your PPC advertisement by add most effective keywords that relevant to your business.

Add Negative Keywords

Just add un converting terms as negative keywords to increase campaign relevant and decrease wasted invest.

Split Ad Groups

Increase click through rate and quality score by make spilt up ad group into smaller, more relevancy ad group, which helps create more targeted ad text and landing page.

Refine Landing Pages

Change the content and call to action of your landing page to balance with individual search inquiries in order to boost conversion rate. Never send all of your web traffic to the same pages.

How we rendering the best PPC advertising services!

Our strategical local SEO service in India bring your local business with big result, drives organic traffic, keywords ranking, improves buisness sales.

We are as best PPC advertising agency , we can help to select your target market and objective for pay per click campaign and we improve the effective process for your business to gain more success at low cost pricing per click. For which we also ive important on your competitors work process.

Whether you enagage in selling any item on internet but proper business advertising is very much important to rank. It is responsibility to attract more targted traffic for your business with keep on eye time span, location and competitors. And to fetch you that a proper planned work strategy is required. We at Ji web Lab Solutions, Google adwords provider , take responsibility manage your PPC campign to achieve inbound market. As we are one of the best PPC services service provider in online marketing industry, achieved many success track of record in serve various potential clients and we honestly want you to let us work for you.